Combability and Laser measurements

Acoustic spectrography and laser measurements

combability 3One of the subject-oriented parameters of human hair is the sensory combability.
Determining combability as an objective parameter is a highly specialized method and only made possible by in-vitro-testing.

With our acoustic spectrography method, we can determine the combability objectively by in-vivo and in-vitro-tests.

Sensitive, directional microphones are used in a standardized setup.
The detected signal is displayed as a frequency spectrogram:combability 1
A bad combability, due to knots or matted strands, produces acoustic peaks with a higher intensity than smooth hair.
The smoother the hair, the lower the acoustic intensity and the less peaks can be measured.

This method can be applied parallel to the other sensory evaluation methods we employ.

Contactless, direct diameter-determination of hair by laser scanning – in vitro

Specialized laser-measurement of hair allows us to determine the diameter of hair from root to end. This method can be used complementary for measuring sensoric volume-effects by adding diameter-measurements.


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