Sensory evaluation – sebum and ph-measurements

Sensory evaluation by half head tests

Classic half head tests performed by skilled personnel can yield multiple parameters depending on the performance requirements.

Some of our sensory parameters regarding human hair are:

• consistency
• source function
• grip
• allocability
• foam-consistency
• performance of rinse
• disentangling
• combability
• anti frizz effect
• smoothing effects
• bounce
• conditioning effects
• volume performance
• gloss
• build up effects

These parameters can be determined by

Alpha testing:
Alpha tests are conducted under closed conditions. Probands are carefully preselected and thus the pool of probands is specifically geared to the requirements of the tested product. After the briefing with our employer, in which the testing parameters are determined, we will conduct the needed tests on probands who are informed about the testing procedures and have volunteered. An unfettered sensory and metrological evaluation is possible.

Beta testing:
During Beta testing, the product to be tested will be used in the daily routine of two certified testing salons. For the first time, the product will be used under real conditions with real clients. Sensory evaluation is possible in the form of half head tests as well as full head tests. The result of a beta test is a first market assessment, derived from usage of the tested product in the daily routine of a hair salon.

Home use testing:
Hierbei wird das Produkt dem Probanden zum Heimgebrauch inklusive einer Gebrauchsinformation überlassen. Nach einem definierten Zeitraum des Gebrauchs füllt der Proband einen Fragenkatalog geschlossener Fragen online aus. Weiterhin wird er um eine offene Stellungnahme gebeten. Der Fragenkatalog wird statistisch aufbereitet und bei Bedarf in Relationen zu einem vorhergehenden Alpha-/Betatest gesetzt.

During home use testing, the tested product – together will detailed instructions – will be given to selected probands for home use. After a defined period of time, the probands will answer a specifically designed questionnaire and also give a subjective opinion about the product.

Every test cycle we conduct is statistically evaluated, which results in a detailed PDF-report and PPT-Presentation for our employer.

pH-Measurement on skin, scalp and hair – in vivo / in vitro

ph-meter 1With a special in-vivo pH-meter, we are able to specifically measure the pH-value on the skin surface or the scalp and hair.
The measurement is based on a high quality combined electrode, where both glass H+ ion sensitive electrodes and additional reference electrodes are placed in one housing. It is connected to a probe handle containing the measurement electronics.

pH-meter 2

Determining sebum on the skin surface, scalp and hair

sebumeter 1The sebumeter method is a procedure to determine the sebum level of the skin surface, as well as on scalp and hair.
This is documented by the numerous mentions in scientific literature in which the terms “sebumetry” and sebum measurements are inseparable. With this method, we can determine coating effects of skin- and hair-treatmens, or cleansing effects by shampoos, body washes, or skin-cleansing products.

The measuring head of the cartridge exposes a 64 mm2 measuring section of the mat tape. For a measurement the tape is moved forward by a trigger at the side of the cartridge to expose a new section of tape. The used tape is rewound inside the cartridge. One cassette can be used for approx. 400 measurements. The scale from 1-0 on the trigger shows how much of the tape is still unused. For hygiene reasons when exhausted, the cassette is simply replaced.


sebumeter 2

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